Subscribing and Payment

Monthly Subscriptions: Users will be charged and shipped the selected subscription items (typically panties) once a month until the subscription is canceled. Billing will take place the same date of every month as the original purchase date.

Gift Subscriptions: Users will be charged for the entire term of the subscription upfront. The selected subscription items will be delivered once per month for the duration of the term at no additional charge.

Panty by Post charges will register on the users’ credit card as Panties By Post E-Boutique, Inc.


Users may cancel their subscription at any time up to SEVEN days prior to their next billing date.

To cancel, users must send an email to info@pantybypost.com to request cancellation. Users must include their billing name, subscription type, and the shipping address.

We will reply via email with a confirmation that the cancellation request has been processed and that there will be no further charges or shipments.


We want to do everything we can to ensure that you are happy with your subscription and with your Panty by Post experience. You can always email us at info@pantybypost.com and we will work to ensure your satisfaction as best we can.

We are happy to accept the return of any unworn product that is defective, damaged during shipping, or otherwise damaged due to no fault of your own. We’ll send a replacement pair right away. If a panty doesn’t fit, we are happy to send another panty of the same design in a different size or to find a suitable replacement for you.

See our Returns Policy for more details. We do not refund shipping costs for any packages that have already shipped.

Delivery and Shipping Policy

We ship using the regular post and we ship worldwide! We are happy to send to post office boxes too! We are unable to provide tracking information for any of our Canadian shipments, it’s how we keep postage costs low for our customers. For US customers we ship on the 15th of every month and tracking is available upon request. Shipping is free for our North American customers and $5 per package for our international clients. We are happy to arrange faster shipping using FedEx or UPS. Just email us to make arrangements at info@pantybypost.com