Seriously Great Quotes from Smart Women

Seriously Great Quotes from Smart Women I love to hear wise words from women in every kind of business, don’t you? Joanna Goddard and has collected 15 tips for you to enjoy all in one place. On being confident: I love women who are bosses and who don’t constantly worry about what their employees think…


How to dress like a French girl this summer

How to dress like a French girl this summer. Forget the LBD (Little Black Dress), this summer is all about the WSD (White Shirt Dress). It’s the newest incarnation of the boyfriend look! A mix of chic and comfort. We don’t just adore the crisp whiteness of the cotton against our dewey bronzed summer skin,…

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Bridal Lingerie Trends

Wedding season is officially here, so we put together the perfect gift items for a memorable bridal shower! Our curated bridal shop means you can take care of all your gifts in a few clicks. We sell adorable bridal panties by the tried and true Hanky Panky brand. They are sent right to your lucky…


Have a Great Weekend

We have put together the definitive summer getaway packing list and not a moment too soon. School is out, and there’s nothing better than packing up for the weekend for a mini-vaca. No matter what your jam is, camping or spa, we’ve got you covered with our 10 weekend getaway essentials. • Panty by Post…

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Open Letter to North American Women

Dear North American Woman, I’ve been thinking about women’s panty drawers a lot lately. I know that might sound a littler peculiar, but it’s actually pretty normal for me. As you know, I run Panty By Post, and this means your lingerie is always on my mind. Do you think about your lingerie? I’ve researched…

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Panty by Post Reviews

Review of our Basics Subscription by Lethal Glam Panty By Post is a panty subscription service from Vancouver, BC and I was kindly sent a sample for review (but I’m not an affiliate or anything so this opinion is honest). There are 3 subscription services offered, one is the Everyday Basics ($15/panty), another is their…


5 Incredibly Useful Tips from Working Moms

At Panty by Post we understand you’re one busy lady! Juggling kids, home and work is no easy task. We asked some friends and customers for their mothering secrets and advice. From Sarah Edmonson 1. Hiring a house cleaner for at least once a week and ideally an part time assistant to help with some…

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Panties 101

BIKINI It rests below your belly button and around your hips. Sides vary in thickness from string to a fuller cut. Rear coverage is moderate. HIPSTER Sits low on the hips, both at the front and the back. The waistline rests at or below the hips. THONG Minimal back with only a thin slice of…


Simple Pleasures

These little joys in this beautiful world are by no means small. They are the every day sweetness we can all access and they don’t cost you a dime. We asked our friends and customers to chime in and share their little lovely moments. Here’s our first batch. Please comment below to share your own….