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Dear Sexy Panty by Post Lovers
I’m sorry!

I’m sorry because it’s been some time since I’ve reached out to you about your lingerie and about what’s going on here at Panty By Post.... Read more >
Open Letter to North American Women
I’ve been thinking about women’s panty drawers a lot lately. I know that might sound a littler peculiar, but it’s actually pretty normal for me.... Read more >
Made-in-Canada undies better than France’s? Sacré bleu!
It’s a frillier version of the adage “carrying coals to Newcastle.” But in selling made-in-Canada lingerie to women in France, Natalie Grunberg is not being superfluous. She’s fulfilling a nee... Read more >
Inside the Mail Order Panty Business
How to Start a Subscription Box Company with Panty by Post’s Natalie Grunberg by Katherine Raz.... Read more >
Underwear Subscriptions for Women
We didn't get to the top buy being bashful, we are the best monthly underwear subscription service out there. Let us tell you why.... Read more >
Spiritual Jewelry & Heavenly Lingerie Sets
We are so pleased to offer Panties & More. You can add onto your subscription, or just shop whenever you like for the perfect gift.... Read more >