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A Public Service Announcement for All Men

Sure, your sweetie will tell you all she wants for Valentines’ Day is her one true love, that’s you…but any gentleman knows that while it’s the thought that counts when gift giving, awesomeness counts a lot too.

Our favorite gifts are ones that show you’ve put some thought into it, even planned ahead. When you’re not with us, we want to know you are dreaming about our bodies, that you want to celebrate them (and us) for hours, perhaps for a whole lifetime. Is this too much to ask? We think not.

Anything from Panty by Post will fit the bill. It’s not even a large bill.

We’ll get a special red box, a hand written note and a carefully selected panty every month in the mail, a regular reminder that you care. You will have about 5 minutes of work to do, then your gift giving will go on autopilot.

We think you’ll like the subscription too. After all, giving your honey lingerie is a gift for too!

Here’s a $10 gift card towards any gift subscription, use code GET10.

Shop gift subscriptions here.

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