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How to dress like a French girl this summer

How to dress like a French girl this summer.

Forget the LBD (Little Black Dress), this summer is all about the WSD (White Shirt Dress). It’s the newest incarnation of the boyfriend look! A mix of chic and comfort.

We don’t just adore the crisp whiteness of the cotton against our dewey bronzed summer skin, we love it because it’s that French Girl look we can all achieve in a snap.

I’ve learned everything I need to know about French style from my travels to Paris, but I also read the French style icon and blogger, Garance Dore’s blog, and you should too!

For this summer, I am craving this type of shirt dress: white, short, fresh, light, cool.

I did a lot of research (the one in the picture is Thakoon) and tried a lot of them (I tried on an Alaïa at Colette that’s still imprinted on my retina)(as well as the price tag) but each time something was just off…

I found out that the problem is that actually, a white dress can easily look pretty bland and way too waspy (Can you say that? What would be the equivalent in French, BCBG? Bon chic bon genre?)…

Like, with ballet flats it’s freaky, way too proper, not cool at all, -12 on the Altimeter of Fashion.
With sneakers it’s not bad but it casualizes (let’s say that’s a word) the dress too much.
With high heels, well you kinda have to want to go around in heels in summer. I don’t.
With Birks, I don’t think I am ready.
With Birks AND socks, why not? But would I stand the weird looks? (Oh, do you want to talk about the subtle difference between Birks with or without socks or are you just extra tired of hearing about those shoes?)

With mmmm…
With combat boots, like in the picture?
Naaaaaaa, I love it. But it’s not for me.

Gladiators? Espadrilles? Flip flops?

What would you wear?

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