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5 Incredibly Useful Tips from Working Moms
Every month we'll ask 5 more working mamas for their ideas for keeping it all together, we'd love to hear yours.... Read more >
Panties 101
Knickers, underwear, bikini underwear, boyshorts, brazilian bikini, thongs, strings and the list goes on. We want to clear up the noise.... Read more >
Simple Pleasures
We decided that being appreciative and in the moment meant reflecting on life's simpler pleasures.... Read more >
The Best Panties for Your Body Type!
Sometimes it can be hard to feel confident enough to put on lingerie and really feel good about your body. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! That’s why today we’re here to help you find best ... Read more >
Made-in-Canada undies better than France’s? Sacré bleu!
It’s a frillier version of the adage “carrying coals to Newcastle.” But in selling made-in-Canada lingerie to women in France, Natalie Grunberg is not being superfluous. She’s fulfilling a nee... Read more >
How to Seduce Your Sweetheart
Romance shouldn’t happen once a year on Valentines' Day. We love it, but love should happen every other day too. Here's our seduction suggestion list. Feel free to chime in with your own tips.... Read more >
For the Boys: The Do’s and Dont’s to Buying Her Lingerie
What a woman wears under her clothes is as important to her as what is outside for all to see. Lingerie can be a tricky gift to buy for a woman, but it is not something to be feared. Here are 8 tips t... Read more >
What Does the Color of Your Underwear Say About You?
It's not an exact science but we can all agree that clothing and color says a lot about a person. Well we think you need to consider the shades of your undies too. We believe that the style of panties... Read more >

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