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Dear Sexy Panty by Post Lovers
I’m sorry!

I’m sorry because it’s been some time since I’ve reached out to you about your lingerie and about what’s going on here at Panty By Post.... Read more >
Create the perfect capsule wardrobe and simplify your style
We've all been through it, you're in a rush and you're having a wardrobe meltdown. Despite having an overstuffed closet, there's just nothing to wear. Time is ticking and you have to choose the right ... Read more >
Female Friendships On the Go
As the summer months wind down and those of us living in the chillier part of the world start moving inside, it’s time to reconnect with good friends, good female friends.... Read more >
7 not so secret tricks to looking like a French Woman
One of the tips is to stop trying so hard, oh yah, and get a French boyfriend. Read all the juicy secrets here.... Read more >
Seriously Great Quotes from Smart Women
I love to hear wise words from women in every kind of business, don’t you? Read this collection, copy and paste into your facebook feed. It's that good.... Read more >
How to dress like a French girl this summer
Forget the LBD (Little Black Dress), this summer is all about the WSD (White Shirt Dress). It’s the newest incarnation of the boyfriend look! A mix of chic and comfort.... Read more >
Bridal Lingerie Trends
Wedding season is officially here, so we put together the perfect gift items for a memorable bridal shower! Our curated bridal shop means you can take care of all your gifts in a few clicks. We sell a... Read more >
Have a Great Weekend
Summer is here and this means weekend trips, even last minute road trips. We don't want you to be unprepared so we have put together a list of 10 weekend getaway essentials.... Read more >
Open Letter to North American Women
I’ve been thinking about women’s panty drawers a lot lately. I know that might sound a littler peculiar, but it’s actually pretty normal for me.... Read more >

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