The Latest in Lingerie

Out with the old, in with the new!
When was the last time you did a big clothing purge? (And before you think we’re all sweaters, jeans and jumpers, we’re not - we’re inspecting the panty pile) Oh yes, the undies drawer is gettin... Read more >
Who are the men who buy Panty by Post panties
Now now, don’t jump to conclusions, it’s not always the ones associated with scandal and secrecy – sometimes, but not always!  This is about the men behind purchasing the  panties as a gift ... Read more >
Happy Holidays + Black Friday SALE
It’s a magical time of year. But with all the cheer, eggnog and mince-pie making, we often forget to take a moment for ourselves. While we fully appreciate, enjoy and embrace the holiday madness tha... Read more >
Our Favorite 20 Ways to Be a Little More French
Being a little more French is a state of mind, plus a stripey shirt or two. We love the way the French enjoy all the little pleasures in life. We have picked the best of 40 little ways to be French. W... Read more >
10 Fun Facts You Need to Know about Knickers
Panties, lingerie, knickers, underpinnings...there are so many words to describe those sexy underthings we love. Here's our top 10 most interesting facts about skivvies.... Read more >
Holiday Blog Post: PBP’s BEST SELLERS
From lovely to luxe, our best sellers are favorites for a good reason!

... Read more >
We carefully curate the best brands from all over the world. Read about each one here.... Read more >
What Men Really Want
Thongs, boyshorts, bikinis -- when it comes to underwear, all women have their preferences. And it turns out, so do men.... Read more >
A Public Service Announcement for All Men
Sure, your sweetie will tell you all she wants for Valentines’ Day is her one true love, that’s you…but any gentleman knows that while it’s the thought that counts when gift giving, awesomenes... Read more >

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