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Our Favorite 20 Ways to Be a Little More French
Being a little more French is a state of mind, plus a stripey shirt or two. We love the way the French enjoy all the little pleasures in life. We have picked the best of 40 little ways to be French. W... Read more >
10 Fun Facts You Need to Know about Knickers
Panties, lingerie, knickers, underpinnings...there are so many words to describe those sexy underthings we love. Here's our top 10 most interesting facts about skivvies.... Read more >
Holiday Blog Post: PBP’s BEST SELLERS
From lovely to luxe, our best sellers are favorites for a good reason!

... Read more >
The Top 4 Signs It’s Time for New Undies
Not sure if it's time to toss your undergarments? These are some obvious telltale signs that they just gotta go...... Read more >
We carefully curate the best brands from all over the world. Read about each one here.... Read more >
What Men Really Want
Thongs, boyshorts, bikinis -- when it comes to underwear, all women have their preferences. And it turns out, so do men.... Read more >
A Public Service Announcement for All Men
Sure, your sweetie will tell you all she wants for Valentines’ Day is her one true love, that’s you…but any gentleman knows that while it’s the thought that counts when gift giving, awesomenes... Read more >
Dear Sexy Panty by Post Lovers
I’m sorry!

I’m sorry because it’s been some time since I’ve reached out to you about your lingerie and about what’s going on here at Panty By Post.... Read more >
Create the perfect capsule wardrobe and simplify your style
We've all been through it, you're in a rush and you're having a wardrobe meltdown. Despite having an overstuffed closet, there's just nothing to wear. Time is ticking and you have ... Read more >

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