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Panties 101

BIKINI It rests below your belly button and around your hips. Sides vary in thickness from string to a fuller cut. Rear coverage is moderate. HIPSTER Sits low on the hips, both at the front and the back. The waistline rests at or below the hips. THONG Minimal back with only a thin slice of…


Simple Pleasures

These little joys in this beautiful world are by no means small. They are the every day sweetness we can all access and they don’t cost you a dime. We asked our friends and customers to chime in and share their little lovely moments. Here’s our first batch. Please comment below to share your own….


The Best Panties for Your Body Type!

Curvy Girls: you’ve got curves and you shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt them! A demi cup with underwire will offer support and sexiness in our opinion there is nothing hotter than a pair of lacey boy shorts!   Straight Bodies: You’ve got a petite shape that can be emphasized with fun shapes and pretty details….

Our Lingerie

How to Seduce Your Sweetheart

The art of seduction need not be illusive, we think we have cracked the code. While each one of us is individual in our needs and tastes, there are some tried and true notes we think can help you on your path to sweet(er) romance. The gift: be spontaineous, thoughtful, a gift is always better…


What Does the Color of Your Underwear Say About You?

Black = practical, courageous, ambitious, strong   White = emphasizes natural beauty, self-confident, calm, tender   Blue = mystique, pleasant, creative   Yellow = cheerful, loving, adventurous   Green = relaxed, complete, independent   Red = naughty, crazy, full of life   So are you a red lace kind of gal or practical white? Let us know in the comments, and…


What the heck is a brazillian panty anyway?

Our team of expert stylists at PantybyPost.com believe knickers are more then just a bare necessity. Here’s the low down:   Bikini & Brief: For most ladies this is their go-to style and with good reason. Their higher cut rise is great for lounging around in your yoga pants and with just the right amount…


5 Ways to Feel Confident Right now

1. Stand strong! There is research to show that the way you carry yourself actually brings you more confidence. We all know this instinctively because we can recognize that commanding people also take up space. We’re not suggesting you take over the board room but take a cue from many of your male counterparts and…

Inside PBP

Inside the Mail Order Panty Business

I first connected with Natalie from Panty by Post in the process of writing our massive and exhaustive e-book on subscription box companies. Natalie’s company offers a monthly subscription to luxury, high-quality underwear for ladies. She was one of the first subscription box business owners we found who was willing to share her real experience…