Friday Pairing

July 04, 2014 by pantybypost

Summer is a great time to hit the beach. Don't get me wrong, I love long walks in the pouring rain (not joking) but the sunshine is a great refrain from Canadian winters. We put together this pairing to encourage you to order a summer subscription and to stalk up on our paper thins. These comfy hipsters are made with almost silk-like material. They come in rose, light blue and light green. Our staff at PBP basically live in these panties (don't worry, we wear clothes too). These wash super well and look adorable. They will keep you feeling light an airy. Order now because before you know it you'll need warmer panties for the fall (boo).


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Guest Post: Fun Summer Activities For You and Your Baby!

June 26, 2014 by pantybypost

Summer is a wonderful time to connect with the little people. Annie Lin from A Little Bundle has offered us four great ideas for packing your summer with memorable moments.


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The Panty Alphabet- L for Learn

June 25, 2014 by pantybypost

No matter what your age, there's always more to learn. What do you plan on learning this summer? Add something of your own in the comments and win the panty in the photo.


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Monday Staff Pick

June 23, 2014 by pantybypost

The inspiration for Panty by Post comes from Paris, so it's fitting that we stock panties with images of the most romantic city in the world. Andrea, our lovely model, is trying to meditate while Henri the pup is looking for her attention. We are not surprised that he would fall in love with Andrea (wink). Andrea told us these Maaji Paris hipsters are her most favorite panties for every day comfort and style. French ladies know you don't need to sacrifice looking good for being comfortable, you can have it all. When you order Panty by Post this summer, look for your Paris and New York panties.


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PBP Pairing: Rose Milk Tea and Tie-Side Bikinis

June 20, 2014 by pantybypost

There’s something oh so luxurious about side ties. Yes, they are more work. And yes, they show under nearly everything. But like anything they have a time and place. So here is our dream scenario for these too-cute-for-words panties from Blush. A hot mug of rose tea on an early sunny morning, with a spare hour or two for lounging around in peace and quiet...and in panties of course. This flowery pairing is a tad girly, a little bit sexy, and almost too comfortable. Watch as that hour of relaxation extends itself through your entire weekend...those plans can be rescheduled, right?


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K: Killer Panties!

June 18, 2014 by pantybypost

You’ve got the killer heels, dress and nails for this week’s big night out, so why stop there? Add killer panties to the mix for a complete outfit - and attitude for that matter. Underwear can make or break your look. That hot pink bandage dress you’re stoked to show off will only show off panty lines in anything but a thong. Later on the same thong will break your heart when a flowy summer skirt betrays you thanks to a slight breeze (in front of everyone of course). We recommend owning sexy panties in multiple styles (or drawers of them, like us...) so that coverage and bunching fabric don’t ruin the fun! Just remember that a killer outfit requires extra attention underneath as well. So show your wardrobe some love with panties that flatter you and your clothes!


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Staff Pick: Blush Bikini Panty

June 16, 2014 by pantybypost

We are huge fans of ruffles, bows, or really any adorable additions to spice up a simple panty. No one likes to be boring, but as usual, moderation is key. This bikini panty from Blush strikes a perfect balance with a sophisticated animal print in neutral tones. The ruffle details and sheer fabric take it from everyday to something special, and that's what PBP is all about! Try looking for day time panties with a little extra - we guarantee that you'll feel sexy all day long knowing what's underneath.


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Panty Pairing: Agua Benditas and a Strawberry Cocktail

June 13, 2014 by pantybypost

These days beg to be spent poolside with a delicious beverage, and that's all fine and dandy ...but we’ll choose panties over a bikini any day! These Agua Bendita’s have all the glamour of your most luxurious swim suit - you won’t even miss the pool. Opt for a sexy hangout with this combo: a sweet martini with fresh strawberries, and an even sweeter eyelet lace tanga. Find the recipe here and tell us about your favourite sunny day drinks below!


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J: June

June 11, 2014 by pantybypost

Hot June days tend to push extra sexy lingerie to the back of everyone's mind. Layers of lace just don't belong with the casual ease of a summer wardrobe. That's where we come in! Undies for sunny day adventuring can be found in any print or colour - even that neon sports bras deserves a matching pair. These grey stripes have a sporty vibe and are perfect under gym shorts. Whether you spend those vacation hours hiking or on a yoga retreat you're panties are sure to be up for anything!


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Staff Pick: Estivo Summer Hipsters

June 09, 2014 by pantybypost

Thanks to our friends at Estivo, Panty By Post receives custom sexy panties in sizes 2x and 3x! Endless undie options are what make the PBP experience fun. We offer hard-to-find sizes in beautiful prints and lace... And it doesn't end there! Look out for more pics of these gorgeous summer pairs - bright colours and florals await. There's something sexy for everyone in our mail!


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